Workshops with Serafina

Serafina & students at the Renaissance Faire, 2010 a workshop with serafina is an exciting journey...

Workshops with Serafina offer a comprehensive snapshot into the different props, elements and philsophies of belly dance. Students are challenged, stretched and confident after attending Serafina's workshops.

Whether you are interested in the fundamentals of belly dance, musicality, zills, veil, sword or even how to get yourself all dolled-up for a performance, Serafina is happy to teach workshops at her studio or yours!

available workshops

The Basics of Belly Dance - Beginners - 2 hours
This is a fun introduction into belly dance. The first hour we learn some technique and vocabulary of movements while the second hour we learn a short and fabulous choreography.

VaVaVa VOOM! Voluptuous Veil Choreography Workshop - All Levels - 2 hours
In this workshop, you will learn some slow, slinky and spicy veil movements and technique which will lead into a sensual veil dance choreography. Perfect for Valentine's Day!

Scintillating Scimitar Sword Workshop - Advanced Beginners + - 90 minutes
There's nothing that can match the impact of a belly dancer entering the room with a *very* sharp object! Students will learn all the basics of sword dancing from selecting the proper music, posing, and balancing so you will have all the tools to build your own amazing sword performance.

Ching A Ching! Zills Workshop - Advanced Beginners + - 90 minutes
Students will learn the basics of zilling from selecting the proper type & size of finger cymbal, to learning basic rhythms and eventually dancing while zilling.

Absolutely Fabulous! Performance Hair & Make-Up Workshop - All Levels - 3 hours
This workshop will take you from Plain Jane to Glam in 3 hours! This workshop is highly recommended for students who are preparing for their first performance or those who just want to learn glamorous make-up and hair techniques for a night out with her significant other! Highlighting, lowlighting and concealing techniques will be taught as well as how to put on false eyelashes.

Renaissance Faire Belly Dancing Workshop - All Levels - 2 hours
Have you ever watched the belly dancers perform at the drum jam near the end of the day at the Ren Faire? This workshop covers the fundamentals of Improvisational Tribal Style (ITS) dancing. It is a group improv format and not that difficult to learn. We learn a good amount of vocabulary, quartering and circling. Bring a big, fluffy skirt for this workshop!

Don't just count, FEEL! Musicality Workshop - Intermediate+ - 2 hours
There's nothing like watching a dancer who looks like she lives to entertain her audience. This workshop will cover the basics of musicality and the art of entertaining your guests. Learning to hear flourishes and accents in the music. Students will be encouraged to be aware of their facial expressions and several exercises in acting will aid in expressing emotion and feeling to the audience.

Shimmy-A-Thon Cardio Bellydance Workshop - All Levels - 90 minutes
We shimmy and move and shimmy some more! This is an intense 90 minute NON-STOP workshop to get your heart rate up and the goal is to sweat off 600+ calories! It includes a comprehensive warm-up and cool down so you'll be able to function for the rest of the day.  No prior dance experience necessary.

Dancing in Circles Hoop Dance Workshop - All Levels - 2 hours
You say you can't hula hoop? Nonsense! Serafina will have you hooping on and off body in no time! You'll learn many techniques that don't even involve hooping around the waist. This is a seasonal workshop given outside during the spring, summer and early fall only. No prior hooping experience necessary.